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Where all information topics (FAQs, Rules, etc.) are posted to avoid clutter in other forums. Also, the archives for server updates.

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Getting Started

Server Rules & Need to Know Information
Make sure you've read and understand our rules. You can also find server information, staff, and other important details. Forum Account
This is not a requirement to play but is recommended for communication purposes
  1. Navigate to:
  2. Hit agree
  3. Input a username (preferably your in-game name), email, and password. You can also input your characters in the character field.
  4. Answer the question then hit Submit
  5. Confirm your account then you can log in
We track and deliver most information on our discord channel (as well as our website)
  • Click the DISCORD link at the top of this site
Loginserver Account
If you have never played on an EQEmu server before you will need to establish a loginserver account.
  1. First navigate to: and register for an account
  2. Once you have established and confirmed your account, log in here:
  3. Next navigate to:
  4. Here you should see any loginserver accounts you have (if you're doing this you shouldn't see any).
  5. Click Create Account or navigate here:
  6. Input a username and password and hit create
  7. Repeat for each additional account
  8. When you log into a server you will use your loginserver accounts, not your forum accounts
You will need one account per account you plan to log in with, so if you're 2-boxing, you need two loginserver accounts

The Client: RoF2
Clumsy's World requires several custom files to play but first you need a client
  1. Download
  2. Unzip the file to the root of your C drive (or other drive if you know what you're doing)
  3. You should have this directory now: C:\EQEmuCW\
  4. Many maps and files are delivered alongside this client but you're welcome to now copy over your character and UI files
We highly recommend using 7-Zip for this - Download

The Patcher
Clumsy's World requires several custom files which are delivered to the players through a convenient patcher. This patcher also alleviates the need to create custom shortcuts to play.
  1. Download
  2. Unzip the file directly to C:\EQEmuCW\
  3. You should now see C:\EQEmuCW\CWPatcher.exe and C:\EQEmuCW\eqemupatcher.png
  4. Right CWPatcher.exe file and then Send To -> Desktop (Create Shortcut)
  5. If that option is not available then right click the file and click Create Shortcut
  6. Drag that shortcut to your desktop
  7. It's recommended to always run the patcher as Admin
  8. You should see a PATCH and PLAY button
  9. Start by pressing PATCH, it will download all required files (The patch button with be RED if you're missing files)
  10. Next Press PLAY
  11. EverQuest will open to the log in screen
  12. Enter your loginserver account info
  13. Find "Clumsy's World: Resurgence" in the server list and hit Connect
Never use the Quick Connect button, it's known to sometimes put you on random servers

DirectX Errors
IF you try to play and get a DirectX error, download and install this update: ... aspx?id=35
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