One-Time | Subscription

All donations go to supporting the development of the Clumsy's World server. This includes server hardware, development tools, hosting, software, network equipment, backups, utilities, test server, and more.

Clumsy's World offers players two primary ways to contribute or donate to development: One-Time and Subscriptions. Each has its own benefits.

One-Time Donation

If you simply want to donate for Clumsy tokens then that method is below. This form of donation is one-time and strictly for tokens. It provides no other benefits.

Character Name for Delivery:

Reminder this is a one-time purchase. Tokens will be delivered at earliest convenience.


Subscriptions provide players with an avenue to donate on a recurring basis in exchange for different types of perks, ranging from discord roles to in-game and development access. The tiers of subscriptions are listed below.

Subscription Tier
Discord Name for Delivery:

All rewards are monthly and usually payable on the 1st of the month unless otherwise noted. Any reward that is tied to a subscription will only be active while that subscription is active.