Server Rules & Guidelines

Server Rules & Guidelines

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Server Rules apply everywhere Clumsy's World has a presence (Discord, Server, etc). These are updated as necessary to maintain clear cut lines between what is and isn't allowed, but that does not mean you can act a fool just because this hasn't clearly defined that line. You are always expected to act like an adult and handle issues like an adult and should an intermediary be needed, the CW Staff are available.

Guides, GMs, and Admins

These people exact full authority over anything and everything you do or say in this community. If you have a problem with a decision or something else that a staff member has done, then you need to bring it up to Malevolent for a final decision. DO NOT argue with or disrespect the Resurgence Staff. If you don’t agree with a decision or accusation that has been made then bring it to Malevolent’s attention in private. He will be the deciding factor. Don’t smart off, argue, or act like a tough guy in public channels because you just got ripped for breaking a rule. Get over it.

Staff are under strict rules to not argue with people in public channels. Should you feel the need to do so you will be warned once then banned. Staff will enforce rules at their discretion, given the outlined rules, and Malevolent is the judge, jury, and executioner should it be needed. There are no appeals and all decisions are final.

The Basics (Language, Discrimination, Maturity, etc)

For the most part we are all adults, but you need to consider that kids may play. Keep conversations to a PG-13, or better, level at all times. Try to be respectful with your language. Constant swearing is unnecessary. Racism, Sexism, and other forms of discrimination are zero-tolerance. We expect all players to act mature and present yourself in a mature manner, display integrity, and be considerate. We’re all humans with lives, no need for unnecessary drama.

Public channels are considered to be PG-13, which means be mindful of what you say. Most of us don’t mind some crude jokes or harsh language, but reserve it for private channels (Guild, Group, etc.).

There is a No-Tolerance Policy in effect for Racism, Sexism, etc. Do not make racist comments, do not make sexist comments, do not make anti-gay comments, etc. Save those conversations for private chat.

Character, Pet, & Guild Names

Have fun but keep in mind other existing rules on maturity and target audiences. Pets should never be named after a player and vice-versa. I will give preference to the person who had the name first (regardless of pet or character). No name, regardless of context, should ever have sexual themes, context, or origins (to include stupid fetishes, neckbeard reddit fantasies, cucking, simping, etc.).

Boxing Policy

Clumsy’s World enforces a 2-boxing limit w/ IP exemptions mandatory for multi-player households. You are only allowed to have 2-boxes outside the hub zone at any given time. However, you can have unlimited boxes logged into the hub zone to assist with buffing, porting, etc.

NOTE: If you have an IP exemption one person cannot be AFK for extended periods of time, alt-tabbed, or for other reasons. This creates the illusion of a single player playing more than 2 characters, regardless of if that is what is happening. The purpose of the exemption is so that a second person can play on a single network, not sit AFK, not level your alts, etc. Thank you for understanding.

Public Disputes

Public channels (ooc, general, say, shout, etc) are not for arguing over camps, guild drama, or other bullshit. If you have a problem with someone take it to tells. If you have a problem with a decision enforced against you, take it to tells. No arguing in public will be tolerated.


Do not exploit bugs in the game. If you find an Exploitable bug please do not advertise it in public chats, guild chat, to your buddy, on discord, etc. Please report these types of bugs directly to a GM/Admin via private message on discord or a tell in-game.

MacroQuest, ShowEQ, KissAssist, E3, etc

These programs are 100% prohibited on Clumsy’s World. This includes all addons, hacks, warps, maps, etc, even /stick.

WinEQ and ISBoxer are fine, assuming no key broadcasting/automation is involved.

AFK Farming

Do not AFK Farm. Players reported or found to be AFK farming will be monitored and eventually banned if the issue continues. This includes “sitting” on a spawn and letting your pet kill the target while you are away from the computer.


Do not spam a public chat channel. Spamming is defined as rapidly sending messages into a chat channel. Intent is irrelevant and at the discretion of the staff-member taking action.

Camps, Kill Stealing, & Open Camps

Clumsy’s World recognizes a camp as a general area surrounding a named NPC or an open area with a number of spawns allowing quick pulling. You can hold a camp if you are not AFK. When a mob spawns you need to engage it within 5 minutes or else you will be considered AFK and forfeit the camp. You can not have 1 toon hold the camp while waiting for your group to arrive. If you are not ready to engage when the mob spawns then you are not camping it and forfeit the rights to the camp if another party wants it. If a guild is actively buffing up when a boss spawns then please give them 5 minutes to engage or else they lose the rights to the boss. If a guild spawns a boss through a turn in quest then only that guild has rights to the boss. You can not hold 2 or more camps at the same time. If a group/guild is fighting a boss, then another group/guild is welcome to “leap frog” and claim the next boss.

**EXCEPTION: The exception to the “Leap Frog” policy is in dungeons where progression is linear. E.G. you have to kill boss 1 in order to spawn boss 2, or where attacking boss 4 would aggro bosses 1-3. In this situation there is a 30 minute window between death and next pull.**

Once an NPC has been engaged as defined above, anyone not in the group/guild who gets credit for the kill is considered to have stolen the kill. If you are assisting a failed or bad pull, dying group/raid, etc then please use discretion and hand over loot if you get the kill. If you are concerned they may report you for kill stealing, despite good intentions, simply avoid the situation all-together.

If the player/guild/group fails to win the fight and “wipes,” then other players are free to engage.

Guild & Quest Camps

Any mob spawned via a quest turn-in or through a progression of events belongs solely to that guild/group/individual. The only time you are authorized to take the mob is if that guild/group/individual relinquishes the rights to you.

Camp Hand-off

Camp hand-off is when one person camps something for an extended period of time and then “calls in a buddy” to take over the camp. Under normal circumstances this is fine. Where we get involved is when someone else is patiently waiting for the camp to open. When someone is waiting on the camp to open, they maintain the rights for the “hand-off.” You cannot invite a buddy for a cycle or two and then simply log off to maintain the camp. You would have to relinquish the camp to the waiting person. This also accounts for account sharing and character swapping. If someone else has to log into your account to maintain the camp, you relinquish the camp once you log out to do the switch.

Ninja Looting

Do not loot mobs that you didn’t kill. Ask for permission to loot corpses if people are standing around. It is considered Ninja Looting to loot a corpse you didn’t kill if there is even a remote possibility someone near-by owns that corpse.

**EXCEPTION: If a corpse is left alone for more than 5 minutes (e.g. no one is standing around) then the corpse is considered open and fair game. Valuable corpses should be watched at all times.


Do not intentionally train other players. Intent to grief or simple negligence are not excuses or acceptable. Please have the common courtesy to either shout or make a macro to do so. If you do train someone, please have the decency to assist with corpse retrievals and/or re-clears.

Crashing Zones

Please do not intentionally crash or attempt to crash zones. Repeat offenders will be banned.

Account Sharing

I have no issues with account sharing, helping your buds, etc. But remember punishments are sometimes given to accounts and not to their owners. Don’t come crying to me about your banned account saying your brother was playing. We don’t care. Be smart, make sure your friends are smart, and there won’t be any problems.

Character Restorations

In the event you somehow manage to accidentally click delete character before accidentally clicking accept/OK, we offer the following in the best efforts and with intentions to minimize abuse:

  • We will un-delete the character
  • We will not un-delete your items (if any are missing)
  • We will enforce a name change if someone else claimed the name you were using
  • In the event you recreated the character, we will do nothing

Play Nice Policy

Do not harass players through actions or words. Let them have their mobs and don’t spam them. If you try to intentionally ruin the game for others staff intervention is warranted. Be nice, help each other, invite that loner to your group/guild, offer advice, etc. A positive image will only strengthen our server.

If you’re patiently waiting for a camp, say so. Make your intentions known, be nice, and have fun.

Bros Before Hos

The Clumsy’s World Staff highly encourages players to invite real people over boxes. While we understand the importance of gearing your box (which they don’t need to be in the group for), it is more important to establish friendships, guilds, morale, etc within the community. If people enjoy their stay, they will promote the server and grow our community.

Discord Specific

New members must update their discord alias to match their in-game name to get access to Member channels. This is strictly enforced and audited monthly for activity.

Please be as specific as possible when reporting bugs, making suggestions, asking for help, etc.

DO NOT post Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) content on the Clumsy Discord. Save it for your personal servers.

Have Fun. The server discord is both a place for delivery of information, community engagement, and support. Spread good knowledge, share those resources, be positive, and help others. Try to make our server a great place for other members to spend their time.

Wiki Specific

The Clumsy’s World wiki, while occasionally updated by the Staff, is a completely community-driven resource. If something is missing or you’d like to see something added, get an account and do the legwork. You help yourself and others. A lot of information on this server is not consistent with other servers so normal resources like Allakhazam, p99 wiki, etc are not always accurate. Do your due diligence.

Common Sense

Just because I haven’t listed a rule doesn’t mean you can get away with it. Use your head, you know right and wrong. Don’t be a(n) griefer/idiot. There’s a good chance that if it sounds bad or might piss people off, you shouldn’t do it.

Final Thoughts

Potential punishments for rule breaking include but are not limited to: Deleveling, loss of gear/exp/etc that resulted because of a broken rule, deletion of character, deletion of account(s), banning of IP(s), banning of account(s) etc.

Users must police themselves, we can’t be everywhere at once. Record video, start taking screenshots, record chat logs, etc. If you are ever in a situation where you think you might get screwed over then prepare yourself. And remember screenshots, while helpful, don’t always tell a full story.

Finally, these rules are subject to change at anytime. Please check back frequently for updates because ignorance of the rules is not protection from them.