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First of all, thank you for considering donating to the Clumsy's World project. We want to remind our players that our server will always be free to play and we will never lock any content behind a pay wall. All donations go to supporting the server itself.

Thank You, From Us

Again, thank you for supporting us. We focus our donation rewards on administrative services and fun items (like illusions). None of these rewards will ever give a player an advantage over another. In the event we ever do add “content” items to the donation merchant, they would also be obtainable via platinum purchase to remain fair.

All donations go to supporting the server itself, which includes maintenance, hardware, software, bandwidth, web hosting, utilities, and more. We appreciate all of our players and encourage you to make sure this is a place you plan to stay before ever considering donating.

Donations can be direct donations to the server in exchange for Clumsy Tokens, which can be spent in-game at our donation merchant, Venlaar Zisin, whom can be found in Clumsy’s Home, or as a subscription which rewards players with other perks.

Current Features & Costs

Administrative Services:

  • Race Change Token | 400
  • Gender Change Token | 400
  • Deity Change Token | 400 
  • Account Transfer Token | 800
  • Name Change Token | 800
  • No Drop Transfer | 2000
  • Pet Naming Flag | 800


  • Variety of Petamorph Wands for Pets | 400
  • Variety of Weapon Ornamentals | 200 – 400
  • Variety of Shield Ornamentals | 200 – 400

Guild Banking & Donation:

  • Secure Brokerage Container | 500


  • Rod of Blissful Ignorance | 400
  • Vial of Prismatic Dye | 100
  • Perfected Augmentation Distiller | 200

And much more planned!

Please note, some cosmetics are only available to purchase during their respective holiday season/event.

Rules and Disclaimers

Pet Naming Flag:

  • All rules that apply to player names also apply to pet names
  • Do not name your pet after another player
  • Do not name your pet after an NPC
  • Do not name your pet sentences or phrases
  • Do not name your pet after sexual innuendos
  • Do not name your pet after any sexual or anything that can be considered or misconstrued as sexual
  • Do not name your pet curse words, inappropriate words, or other dumb shit
  • I reserve the right to add or remove rules to this list, at any time, for any reason, and to support any decision I make in the enforcement of these rules
  • I reserve the right to revoke, suspend, or permanently remove access to this feature in the enforcement of these rules
  • Your pet name will automatically apply/update when zoning or summoning a new pet
  • There is a 1-hour cooldown on pet name changes

Race, Gender, & Deity Changes:

  • Let your imagination run wild and have fun with your custom combinations, however…
  • Your racial abilities will change
  • Your base stats will NOT change
  • We are not responsible for your dumbass decisions
  • Any resulting faction hits, kill on sight, or other repercussions due to your changes are solely your responsibility
  • You will retain any faction you have earned through quests or kills
  • Any racial or deity faction adjustments will apply based on your new race/deity
  • Any inability to complete a quest, use an item, or do anything else race/deity restricted is strictly your responsibility
  • If you choose a race/class combo that has issues, that is on you (for instance if your race doesn’t have robe graphics, bard animations, or monk animations)
  • No Merchants, Trainers, or other NPCs will be added to support any custom combination that was not put in place officially
  • Please be smart in whatever decision you make, because it is yours and yours alone

Account Transfers:

  • Account Transfers are limited to accounts owned by the player, UNLESS both account owners consent to the transfer
  • If you later decide you want to move a character back, or to a different account, that is your responsibility
  • If you requested to move a character to the wrong account, that is your responsibility
  • There is a 1-week cooldown period, per-character, for account transfers
  • Account transfers are a manual process, purchase token then contact Specialty / Malevolent

Name Changes:

  • Name changes fall under all existing and potentially future name convention rules
  • If you change your mind on the name change, that is your responsibility
  • If you chose the wrong name, that is your responsibility
  • There is a 1-week cooldown period, per character, on name changes
  • Name changes are a manual process, purchase token then contact Specialty / Malevolent

No Drop Transfer:

  • Any item tied to a quest (whether part of or result of) is ineligible to be transferred – I do not feel like dealing with flags, factions, and other stuff as a result of item transfers
  • Any other items tied to some hidden or otherwise unknown mechanic, will be ineligible; these will be handled case-by-case
  • If you change your mind about a transfer, that is your responsibility
  • If you decide to move the item to a different character than originally intended, that is your responsibility
  • Please be smart in your decisions

  As you can see the recurring theme is any decision made is yours. There are no refunds for bad decisions, unintentional purchases, or other things outside my control. Bugs and issues with any of these systems are expected to be reported and will be dealt with like normal. Any current, existing, or otherwise unspoken (but completely reasonable and logical) rules, whether player, server, naming, or otherwise, apply to ALL of these features. We allow pretty free speech in private channels but the server as a whole is PG (maybe light PG-13). Essentially, avoid the use of language, sexual content, references, innuendos, and other things that would give off the wrong impression.

How to Donate

During the checkout, please make sure you indicate which character you want the tokens on.